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Architectural Castings & Plaques

MARCOZA Architectural Castings manufactures the highest quality bronze historical plaques, markers, signs, wayfinding signs, bronze recognition and donor plaques, golf course markers and custom bronze and aluminum plaques.  Our foundry draws from over 99 years of in-house, hands-on production experience producing the highest quality bronze and aluminum metal castings available anywhere. All of our architectural castings are carefully handcrafted and customized to your exact specifications to enable your finished design to have the impact, clarity and classic elegance only offered by the cast metal production process.

Benefits of Architectural Castings & Plaques


  • Durability – Stands up well in any type of weather
  • Strength – Stronger and harder than most other common alloys
  • In Ground Installation – Stands up to heavy foot traffic
  • Flexible Installation – Interior and exterior, and can be mounted to just about any type of wall, stone or platform
  • Longevity – Simple routine maintenance every few years for exterior signs, virtually none for interior signs – provides the like new appearance – typical bronze signs last for decades
  • Intrinsic Value – Classic design, offers elegance, distinction, and timeless presentation and traditional heritage


  • Lighter Weight – Ideal for larger signs and ornamental restorations
  • Durability – Holds up well in any type of weather
  • Contemporary Look – Ideal for a modern building with a palette of glass and steel
  • Flexible Installation – Interior and exterior, and can be mounted to just about any type of wall, stone or platform
  • Color Graphics – Background can be painted virtually any color for corporate logo, plaques or other graphic signs where the company’s colors are important to the overall corporate design and recognition, aluminum can also be finished to give the appearance of brass or bronze
Sports Complex Plaque

Casting Specifications

Get Your Project Started

For Plaques: Please provide artwork, a drawing or a sketch.

For Historical Reproductions: Please provide artwork, drawings, pictures, or actual pieces which can be helpful in determining production details and requirements. If available, submit a drawing showing some sort of specifications below.

  • Preferred Alloy
  • Quantities
  • Drawing (if available)
  • Dimensions
  • Section View (if applicable)
  • Scale, 1”=1 foot ideal

Existing casting: The use of an existing casting to create a new pattern will result in shrinkage of approximately 3/16” per linear foot, generating a slightly smaller new casting.

Submit a sketch, photo or other description for your desired casting and our in-house graphic art department will generate a proof for the pattern.

Casting Alloys – Typical (Additional cast alloys available upon request)

Bronze castings – C220, C903, C87850 (All Lead Free)

Aluminum castings – A319, A356 (Aircraft Quality)

Aluminum Tee Markers Plaques

Production Process for Bronze & Aluminum Castings

Step One: Submit your drawings, specifications, dimensions, layout and artwork. Submission may be scaled or rough. If you do not have a layout, our highly skilled, professional graphic art department can compose a proof for your design.

Step Two: Client is provided a digital proof to review and approve, spelling, artwork, format, etc.

Step Three: After Client written approval, a pattern is created out of wood, photo-polymer, or similar material.

Step Four: Molding Stage

  • Mold is filled with sand in either a flask, frame or wooden box depending upon the size of the mold
  • Mold cures from a few hours to overnight depending upon size
  • Disassemble the mold, remove the pattern, reassemble mold

Step Five: Casting Stage

  • Pour specified molten material into mold, bronze, brass or aluminum
  • Allow mold to solidify from a few hours to overnight subject to mold size remove the sand and send raw casting for finish processing

Step Six: Finishing Stage

  • Casting is taken from rough to finished appearance
  • Various coatings, treatments and applications are administered to the casting depending upon its finish specifications
Historical Marker

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