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Continuing Education Course for Architects

The MARCOZA Castings Division of Midland Mfg. produces some of the finest quality plaques, memorials and restoration articles available anywhere. Our staff has over 40 years of hands-on experience not only in the design and creation of cast plaques but also in helping and advising architects, builders, businesses and government agencies how to effectively utilize castings to optimize their impact and help achieve the desired goals. From simple way-finding signs to elaborate historical restorations, we offer our expertise to generate solutions staying within budget guidelines.

MARCOZA Castings has now taken this background and expertise and produced an AIA approved Continuing Education Course to offer design professionals an introduction to the possibilities and benefits offered by the effective use of castings. Within this course, many insights are revealed about the history, chemistry and modern day uses of bronze and aluminum plaques and castings as well the classic elegance, rich traditional appearance, and longevity.

Course Number: MDM05B
Course Title: Architectural Castings: Cast to Last
Course Credit: 1 AIA HSW CE Hour

Below are the specific objectives presented by this AIA Continuing Education Course:

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Architectural Castings: Traditional Elegance & Tomorrow’s History

Learning Objectives:

1. Examine various historical applications of cast bronze and brass products and their impact on the evolution of civilization

2. Identify the benefits and differences between cast metal and other alternative sign mediums

3. Discuss the various types of mounting applications to better understand the importance of using mounting templates

4. Examine modern applications of cast metal to discover ways to create sustainable, cost-effective signs that will endure the test of time

MARCOZA Casting’s Continuing Education Course, Architectural Castings: Cast to Last is now available online for AIA credit through Ron Blank & Associates Online Courses.  This CE course is also available in live ‘Lunch & Learn’ office setting presentations. This will allow MARCOZA Castings to directly interact with design professionals in a collaborative environment to offer and discuss insights and solutions for various casting concerns and applications.

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