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Casting Specifications

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For Plaques: Please provide artwork, a drawing or a sketch.

For Historical Reproductions: Please provide artwork, drawings, pictures, or actual pieces which can be helpful in determining production details and requirements. If available, submit a drawing showing some sort of specifications below.

  • Preferred Alloy
  • Quantities
  • Drawing (if available)
  • Dimensions
  • Section View (if applicable)
  • Scale, 1”=1 foot ideal
Aluminum Tee Markers Plaques

Existing casting: The use of an existing casting to create a new pattern will result in shrinkage of approximately 3/16” per linear foot, generating a slightly smaller new casting.

Submit a sketch, photo or other description for your desired casting and our in-house graphic art department will generate a proof for the pattern.

Casting Alloys – Typical (Additional cast alloys available upon request)

Bronze Castings – C220, C903, C87850 (All Lead Free)

Aluminum Castings – A319, A356 (Aircraft Quality)

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