MARCOZA Castings Annouces Live CE Academy Presentations for AIA & GBCI Credit

MARCOZA Castings has scheduled two new live CE Academy presentation dates for March.   On March 14, Owen Daniel will present the AIA registered course, Architectural Castings: Traditional Elegance and Tomorrow’s History in Austin Texas.  Then, few days later on March 16, the presentation will be given once again to design professionals in San Antonio Texas.  This course offers insights into the impact and benefits of metal castings by reviewing the history, the metal casting process, what to look for in a metal casting professional and the advantages of cast metal products.

For more detailed information on this course or to register for the CE Academy, please click on the following link.  Information & Registration  There is no charge for the CE Academy to design professionals.

The Archcitectural Castings Course will also be presented as a live webinar on Tuesday March 21.  Click here for details.

The course is always available online for AIA credit here.

For any questions or additional information, please feel free to contact or call Ron @ 800-678-4848.

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