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Production Process for Bronze & Aluminum Castings

High Quality Metal Casting Foundry

Step One: Submit your drawings, specifications, dimensions, layout and artwork. Submission may be scaled or rough. If you do not have a layout, our highly skilled, professional graphic art department can compose a proof for your design.

Step Two: Client is provided a digital proof to review and approve, spelling, artwork, format, etc.

Step Three: After Client written approval, a pattern is created out of wood, photo-polymer, or similar material.

Step Four: Molding Stage

  • Mold is filled with sand in either a flask, frame or wooden box depending upon the size of the mold
  • Mold cures from a few hours to overnight depending upon size
  • Disassemble the mold, remove the pattern, reassemble mold

Step Five: Casting Stage

  • Pour specified molten material into mold, bronze, brass or aluminum
  • Allow mold to solidify from a few hours to overnight subject to mold size remove the sand and send raw casting for finish processing

Step Six: Finishing Stage

  • Casting is taken from rough to finished appearance
  • Various coatings, treatments and applications are administered to the casting depending upon its finish specifications

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