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Bronze Cemetery Markers

Proper Elegance & Dignified Tradition

Our staff understands that choosing the right cemetery Bronze Memorial Marker may be a difficult though important decision. MARCOZA Memorials are a respectful and elegant resolution to honor the loss of a loved one.

Our friendly and caring staff will give you the personalized attention during this entire process to help you design your grave marker to your exact specifications or use one of the many simple and traditional designs to create a lasting memory. The addition of a photo or a 3-D bas relief incorporated in the memorial plaque or marker may also be the perfect finishing touch that will commemorate their memory forever.

You can customize your plaque by choosing from different font styles, sizes, shapes and bronze finishes. You may also select an emblem from various religious symbols, hobbies or other appropriate remembrance of significance to you. Every memorial receives detailed attention and our expert craftsmanship gives you a high quality finished product.

Modern technologies have helped streamline this process, ensuring quality products delivered in a timely manner. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives to help you through your memorial options.

Below are some sample styles & sizes: We Specialize in Custom Markers

For Additional Sizes and Prices……..Please call 800-678-4848………or go to our ‘Plaque Builder’ page (or click ‘Request a Quote’ link above)

Bronze and Granite Memorial

24 x 12 Single Bronze Marker w/Vase Option available

Bronze Only: $1,427
With Granite: $1,693                                                                                                                                                                Add $475 for Pastoral Brown Vase or $575 for Brite Bronze Vase

Bronze Memorial with Vase Opening

24 x 14 Single Bronze Marker w/Vase Option

Bronze: $1,675
With Granite: $1,969
Add $475 for Pastoral Brown Vase or $575 for Brite Bronze Vase

Plaque with Vase

44 x 14 Companion Bronze Marker w/Vase Option

Bronze: $3,227
With Granite: $3,655                                                                                                                                                                 Add $475 for Pastoral Brown Vase or $575 for Brite Bronze Vase

Bronze Military Veteran Memorial Marker

24 x 12 Military/Veteran Bronze Marker

Bronze Only: $1,307
With Granite: $1,427

Bronze Veteran Vase

Bronze Veteran Military Vase
w/Military Ring on 12 x 12 Granite

Bronze With Granite: $909
Discounts shown for all Military & Veterans

Memorial Vases in Bronze


Pastoral Brown (Bronze) Vase: $497
Brite Bronze Vase: $597
(vases are 5″ diameter)

Sample of Standard Border – Choice 24 x 12 size only

Acanthus Border

Acanthus Borders

Bevel Border

Bevel Border

Dot Dash Border

Dot Dash Borders

Laurel Top Border

Laurel Top Border

Three Sides Laurel Border

Laurel Border

Greek Key Border

Greek Key Borders

Rock Border (Military)

Rock Bevel Border

 Premium Border Styles – available on most sizes

Piano Key Border

Piano Key Borders on Wood

Diamond Border

Diamond Borders on Wood

Greek Key Border

Greek Key Borders on Wood Bronze

Ivy Border

Ivy Borders on Wood

Traditional Granite Series –  Included in standard memorial design

Star Grey Blue

Star Blue Granite


Pink Pearl Granite

Classic Granite Series – Premium choices available upon request

Canadian Mahogany

Canadian Mahogany Granite

Dakota Mahogany

Dakota Mahogany Granite

Premium Jet

Jet Black Granite

Morning Rose

Morning Rose Granite

Paradise Black

Paradise Black Granite

Salisbury Pink

Salisbury Pink Granite

Star Mahogany

Morning Rose Granite

India Redcrop

India Redcrop Granite

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