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Payment Options

For Memorial Orders

Our Memorial Plaque Builder page will help you calculate the basic cost of your memorial. Options such as additional Emblems, multiple Name/Date Scrolls, or other customization can be easily added to your order.  Be sure to add whatever customization you may want in the Comment Box at the bottom of the Plaque Builder Page. In all cases, we will provide you an email with a Total Quote Price that includes your customization. Please provide your shipping address to determine any shipping and sales tax, if applicable.  To begin to processing your order, go to Step 1 below.

  • Step 1: Review the Memorial Plaque Builder page and make your selections
  • Step 2: Any requested customization from the Builder Page ‘Comments’ Box will be included a Total Quote Price emailed to you
  • Step 3: Make your 50% deposit based upon Total Quote Price that we will send to you from Step 2 above
  • Step 4: Once the Deposit is received, your Proof will be generated and sent for your approval. Once your proof is approved and you make Payment in Full based upon the Total Quote Price, production is scheduled and your order completed.

Please feel free to call us, 800-678-4848, Monday thru Thursday from 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM (closed Friday) if you have any questions.  Thank you.

For Architectural & Custom Orders

You will receive a quote for your casting, typically by email.  Please provide the shipping address so the final quote can include UPS ground shipping and any sales tax, if applicable. Please follow the Payment Terms below for submitting your payment.

Payment Terms

Net 30 days with approved credit; OR a minimum of about a 50% Deposit or Prepayment with your order; the Balance in Full is Due, including shipping, plus sales tax for Texas shipping addresses, and must be submitted with your Approval of the final proof before production is scheduled. Accepted credit cards are listed below. Please contact us should you have any questions. We thank you for your business. Please enter your credit card number information below.

Enter All Credit Card Payments Below

Please enter your credit card information below.  Call us Monday thru Thursday from 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM (closed Friday) if you have any questions.  Thank you. 800-678-4848


Once you have entered your credit card information and click on the ‘PAY’ link……PLEASE stay on that page until the next page loads.  On that next page you will see the confirmation message. This is your confirmation/receipt. Please call if you have any questions 800-678-4848.   Below is a sample of the information provided in the payment confirmation.

Payment Confirmation

Purchased From:  Marcoza Castings

Payment Date:  month,day,year

Payment  Amount:  $XX,XXX.xx

We accept the following credit cards:

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