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Personalized Bronze Castings

Personalized castings are available for almost any professional, commercial or individual application where you want the timeless, classic and elegance that only cast bronze can give you. There is virtually no limit to the style, shape, or even the detail for your casting.

For professional or commercial applications, a traditional bronze desk name plate mounted on a stained wooden base, a professional door name plaque that includes your business name, key partners, or professionals in the firm, or a sign with your logo and name, the detail and sophistication of each sign conveys the success and stature of you and your business.

At home, a cast bronze address plate with numbers and even the address name, provide the finishing touch of elegance and character you want your home to convey.

There is no limit for your personalized casting. Commemorate an anniversary, graduation, or similar milestone in the unfolding of your family with their memorable events captured in bronze forever.

The advantage of cast bronze plaques, name plates and other items are numerous:

  • Establish a traditional look of strength and elegance
  • Highly durable for interior and exterior environments
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Plaque can include 3-D cast images, photos, low relief scenes
  • Details come out with a clean, crisp appearance

View our galleries for more ideas or submit your design for a quote. Or feel free to contact us to help you design just the right cast plaque for you. CallĀ 1-800-678-4848 or emailĀ [email protected].

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