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MARCOZA Architectural Castings offers a great way to show a lasting appreciation for history. Brass and bronze historical markers and plaques have been used for years to commemorate events, people and places of significance. We now offer historical markers and plaques in aluminum that can be finished to look just like bronze. The aluminum helps to offset weight on larger or more difficult to mount markers.

Our markers are used by businesses, historical societies, government agencies, residences and community groups for commemorations, awards, and dedications. MARCOZA Architectural plaques share and preserve stories, dates and events from the past to help enlighten future generations with the permanence and dignity of a high-quality metal casting.

All MARCOZA Architectural Castings of bronze & aluminum historical markers are designed and fabricated to your exact specifications. This includes photos, logos, quotes and important messages. Choose from different shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes.

MARCOZA Architectural historical markers communicate, preserve and memorialize history in a rich and prestigious elegance, that lends the style and class that only MARCOZA Architectural Castings provides.

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