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Ready to begin personalizing your memorial plaque? You can get started building your ideal plaque with our online plaque builder. Select plaque size, granite color, borders, emblems, decorative corners, nameplates, ribbons & scrolls from our preset library. Looking for additional options that aren’t available? Submit your requests with your plaque or see below to contact us directly. *Online design might not be to actual scale

This beta version is still under construction with many updates coming soon. For more information or custom quotes, please contact or

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24" x 12" - Single
44" x 14" - Companion





No border No Border
Single Border Single Border
Double Border Double Border
Dot Dash Dot Dash
Woodgrain Woodgrain

Outer Border

No Outer border No Outer Border
Bronze Edge
Painted Bronze Edge
Bronze Rock Edge

Emblems Coming Soon

No Emblem No Emblem
Single Rose Emblem Single Rose
Cross Emblem Cross
Cowboy Emblem Cowboy
Angel Angel

Corners Coming Soon

No Corner No Corner
Roses Top Corners Roses (Top Corners)
Roses Bottom Corners Roses (Bottom Corners)
Laurel Top Corners Laurel (Top Corners)
Laurel Bottom Corners Laurel (Bottom Corners)
Angel (Sides) Angel (Sides)
Wheat (Sides) Wheat (Sides)


No Outer border No Vase
Add a Vase

Vases are available in Brite Bronze & Pastoral Brown


Dark Oxide Brown Sand - Swatch Dark Oxide Brown - Sand
Dark Oxide Brown - Leatherette - Swatch Dark Oxide Brown - Leatherette
Black - Sand - Swatch Black - Sand
Black - Leatherette - Swatch Black - Leatherette
Louis M. Marcoza
Jan. 1, 1945
Aug. 18, 2009
Beloved Father, Husband and Brother
Gravity form will go here