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Flower Mound Parks & Recreation Enhancing the Quality of Life

Park and Trail Improvements 

The Parks and Recreation Department is working hard to enhance the quality of life of Flower Mound residents. this includes updating and renovating many Flower Mound playgrounds, parks, and trails. Here’s a look at the active projects on the Park and Trails Improvements page.

Trails and Bikeways Master Plan

On Aug. 23, 2022, Flower Mound Town Council approved the Trails and Bikeways Master Plan. This roadmap is a  guide identifying short- and long-range priorities for the trails and bikeways network over the next 10+ years.  Trails and Bikeways Master Plan  This is a community-based document that will provide direction to the Town staff and Town decision-makers in providing recreational facilities and amenities.  This Plan also focuses on preserving the Town’s floodplains and other open space areas in an orderly and economical way.

Flower Mound Parks Recreation - bronze in ground plaque
Flower Mound Parks Recreation cast bronze plaque by MARCOZA Castings.

Tennis Center Feasibility Study

At the April 21, 2022 Town Council Work Session, the Town’s consultant, MHS Planning & Design, presented the Tennis Center Feasibility Study. This included a recommendation that the center include 16 tennis courts, 12 pickleball courts, a clubhouse, playground, and walking trail.  At the June 20, 2022 Town Council meeting, staff presented Town Council with funding options for consideration. You can watch the June 20 meeting here.  

A special thanks to the Parks & Rec Department for maintaining and enhancing the the quality of life in Flower Mound.


October 12, 2022

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