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MARCOZA Historical Bronze Plaques Preserve Fort Worth History

Bronze Dedication Plaque Relief
John V. McMillan Plaza bronze dedication plaque as a part of the Trinity River Vision Project in downtown Fort Worth.
McMillan Plaza Fort Worth Bronze Recognition Plaque
The historical bronze plaque describing the original fort at Fort Worth.

The John V. McMillan Plaza at Panther Island in downtown Fort Worth was recently commemorated with a bronze statue and historical bronze plaques.  A part of the Trinity River Vision Project, this Plaza preserves the multifaceted story about the founding of Fort Worth. MARCOZA Castings created five historical bronze plaques, 28 x 32 inches, with each telling a different part of the story, supported with inset photographs.

These plaques provide a glimpse into the settling of Fort Worth by Major Ripley Allen Arnold.   Each plaque describes the events, people and culture of that period. Each historical bronze plaque weighs approximately 100 lbs. and are cast in our continuous loop no-bake process out of traditional bronze. We combine our deep level of experience, the latest technology and equipment to cast both bronze and aluminum products. We are also able to photographically generate 3D

crests and logos from a variety of digital formats.  We have artists on staff who can custom craft a 3D personal likeness or other graphics in a bas relief similar to the one found on the ‘Plaza’ dedication plaque above. Once cast, the bas relief is then hand-chased and given a rich dark bronze patina. The raised lettering and graphic features are then satin finished to a high luster. Finally, the entire plaque is clear urethane coated for a lasting finish.

Bronze is a time tested source for custom designed castings and plaques, often chosen for its air of dignity, power and permanence.   Since 1889, our brass and bronze castings have been a staple of Texas manufacturing.  Allow our specialists at our MARCOZA Castings help you frame your message in elegant works of classic beauty and endurance that can be enjoyed for all time.

All MARCOZA Castings are proudly MADE IN THE USA.  To discuss a historical bronze plaque or any architectural casting project you may be considering, please contact Owen Daniel directly at [email protected] or 800-678-4848.

June 27, 2019

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