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McMillan Plaza Castings & Plaques

Administered and funded by the Trinity River Vision Project (a US Army Corps of Engineers, Streams and Valleys, Trinity River Authority and USDA Soil & Water Conservation joint venture), the McMillan Plaza on historic Panther Island is a unique visual history of early Fort Worth, told with stone monuments & works, directional inlays, lost-wax sculpture and cast bronze plaques; the bronze plaques being designed and manufactured by MARCOZA Castings, a Midland Mfg. division.

MARCOZA Castings worked closely (even in the preliminary phase) with the Vision Personnel & contract designers on a timeline (including technical and logistics interface with out-of-area sub-contractors), capabilities, budgetary issues and installation to create illustrative/graphic all-weather storyboard panels, maps, military insignia and etc. incorporated into the bronze plaques. The result is a stunning historic visual treatment, visited already by tens of thousands both during and in-between The Vison’s frequent celebratory gatherings and outdoor events (special thanks to Visionary Extraordinaire and Exec Director JD Granger).

The Grand Opening was attended by business, legislative and community leaders as well as donor representatives and philanthropists, a Military Band and even a Native American Ceremonial Dedication music & dance event. All feedback has been overwhelming regarding the bronze plaques that do include a 3D bas relief of John McMillan.

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