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Trinity Valley School Castings & Plaques

Long-established, highly-accredited, privately-supported school (K—12) displays recognition plaques & awards on individual venues & classrooms, Past Presidents’ Plaques, Walls of Honor and other designation/recognition components (primarily cast bronze).

The school lost its Architectural Casting supplier at the culmination of a Major Campus Modernization and Expansion Project. MARCOZA Casting, a Division of Midland Mfg., was called upon and proved to be up to the challenge, matching fonts, sizes, base-metal color, background colors (a painstaking exercise involving a large committee and many color-chip formularies in various lighting), return depths, background textures and mounting devices to match existing; and within existing budget and on-time.

MARCOZA Castings’ design and marketing personnel met with TVS Administrative, Development and Physical Plant personnel to ensure that the Expansion/Recognition Products (including several that had to be taken down and ‘re-furbished’ due to excessive weathering, poor original quality and/or damage) were delivered AND INSTALLED in a timely (i.e., in time for the Official Open House) and cost-efficient manner. Students, faculty, alumni and supporters/donors were ultimately rewarded a beautiful and comprehensive Campus Expansion/Renovation Project Completion accented with new and refurbished bronze plaques.

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