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Fort Worth Botanic Garden & Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Fw Botanic Garden Ltrds Main Bldg - Marcoza Castings
Architectural Letters & Signage by MARCOZA Castings.

The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas have joined forces to create a unique and powerful partnership that will create a cultural venue that will rival the top botanic gardens anywhere in the world.   Currently, it is one of the largest centers for botanical exploration and discovery in the United States.

The FWBG covers more than 120 acres containing over 2,500 specifies of plants.  It has several unique gardens highlighted by the Japanese Garden and the recently restored Tea House.  It is easy to spend the day strolling through the Japanese Garden with its koi-filled pools, landscaped hillsides, crafted stonework and dramatic waterfalls.

Botanical Research Institute Of Texas

   Botanical Research Institute Of Texas, signage by MARCOZA Castings, Fort Worth Texas.

BRIT serves as a think tank and a catalyst in conservation. You can schedule a tour of the Philecology Herbarium, which houses more than 1.5 million plant specimens from around the world, making it one of the largest herbaria in the United States, or the BRIT Research Library with nearly 125,000 volumes of botanical books and journals. 

The Founders Circle plaque below, recognizes the individuals and groups that helped bring these special organizations together.

Brit Founders Plaque
BRIT-FWBG Founders Plaque by MARCOZA Castings, Fort Worth Texas.
August 22, 2023

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