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Remembering 144 Year Old Injustice – Posey County IN

Mount Vernon  Posey County IN historical plaque - Marcoza Castings
Mount Vernon, Posey County, Indiana remembers 144 year old injustice.

Sophie Kloppenberg, a high school senior at Mount Vernon High School, heard about an injustice that had been almost forgotten.  She felt a need for this event to be remembered as a way to help bring the community together over a very tough subject, which it did.

Sophie launched a highly successful project with the support of many members of the community.  In fact, her effort and the remembrance that was created received national news coverage. 

MARCOZA Castings was selected to provide the commemorative full color double sided plaque that included a QR code to allow visitor to learn more about this event.

March 22, 2023

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