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The City of Haltom City - Ongoing Park Improvements

Thanks to the proactive response from the City of Haltom City, they were able to take secure funding for their multi-year Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan projects.

In August 2020, the Water and Land Conservation Fund received permanent funding from the Department of the Interior.  Some of thesse funds are distributed directly to States and local communities through grant programs.  These grants can fund local projects like establishing sports fields and community green spaces.  Projects protecting historic and cultural sites as well as conserving natural landscapes are also included.

The Parks & Recreation worked with a local Fort Worth company, MARCOZA Castings, to create bronze plaques to acknowledge the supporters of the park projects at North Park, Broadway Park, and Sandy Oaks Park.  A special thanks to the City of Haltom City’s Parks & Recreation staff for continuing to provide and maintain beautiful parks, green spaces, and sports fields for the community.

North Park Haltom City Scaled 1 - Marcoza Castings
North Park – Haltom City
Broadway Park Haltom City 1 - Marcoza Castings
Broadway Park – Haltom City
Saandy Park Haltom City Scaled 1 - Marcoza Castings
Sandy Oaks Park – Haltom City

Plaques by MARCOZA Castings.  Artilce by Ron Foglia                                                                                                                                                                                                    

August 8, 2022

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