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Park Cities Historic & Preservation Society Receives Spirit of Preservation Award

The Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society recently received a Spirit of Preservation Award from Preservation Dallas along with Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones for preserving the Elbert Williams home at 3805 McFarlin Boulevard.

Preservation Park Cities continues to fulfill the spirit and letter of their mission statement:

To celebrate and promote the preservation of Park Cities
architecture, history, aesthetics, and cultural traditions.

The Landmarking Program was started as a way to celebrate those home owners who have preserved (or renovated) homes in the Park Cities community, Highland Park and University Park, that maintain their original architectural integrity. Although the awards themselves have no bearing on future renovations (or even demolition), many home owners deserve a public acknowledgement for their efforts.  The Landmark homes receive a specially designed bronze plaque to honor their status in the community. Renovation plaque shown below.

Landmark Plaque Preservation Park Cities - Marcoza Castings

These three award categories have been established in order to:

    • Encourage the preservation of the fabric of the community we treasure.
    • Make a statement about the importance of architecture and history in our community.
    • Commend a homeowner for their care of a property.
    • Raise the visibility of our Society in the community.
    • Historic Significance
    • Architectural Significance
    • Renovation Excellence 
      Landmark Preservation Park Cities Plaque by MARCOZA Castings
      Preservation Park Cities – Architecturally Significant Home – Plaque by MARCOZA Castings

September 19, 2022

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